Back to School Ideas- How Are You Getting Students Started?

We would love to hear what your plans are to introduce or reintroduce WeVideo to your students! What’s the first thing you’ll have your students create this year? Share your ideas!

Ive done a few different WeVideo lessons at the beginning of the year… In Kindergarten I record students “All About Me”… they have to respond to 3-5 premade questions about themselves and their families… Favorite Subject, Do you have a pet?, What did you enjoy most about the summer? We then put these together to share with famiies…

Older kids I like starting year demoing book trailers… they can create a book trailer on the summer reading book they read.

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These are great ideas. I like the idea of creating book trailers, especially to highlight summer reading assignments!

also wevideo is a great way to create an introduction video to families… have fun use green screen and share with families

Agree! It would be fun to do a little green screen fun with families like during a back to school night or open house event. Put the kids in charge :grinning:

It’s fun to make this platform special for big celebrations like back to school or holidays

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After the first week of school, once students set goals and grasp some project/learning ideas, I have students break out into groups and create a back-to-school message that I play for parents the night they come in and explain how the class works, expectations, and things they are looking forward to. A great way to teach, practice and showcase WeVideo’s technology and purpose in the classroom early on.

I really like this idea. I am sure parents love this and I bet your students are proud to show off their messages!